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Luxurious, eco-friendly hand-poured candles with wooden wicks

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Love my Kashmiri Chai candle from Sakoon! The rich, spicy scent and eco-friendly wooden wick are a must-have.

I have been a fan of Sakoon candles for a while now, but the Victory candle is my new favorite. The uplifting scent is perfect for a morning boost.

I recently purchased the De-Stress candle from Sakoon and it has quickly become a staple in my home.

"The Kashmiri Chai smells amazing 😍 lots of cardamom, rose, and tea notes. I'm in love."

I love my Begum candle from Sakoon! The rich, spicy scent and wooden wick are amazing. Highly recommend!

Natural Luxury



Hand poured in Los Angeles, CA.

Sakoon // سکون


Sakoon is a luxury candle brand creating rich, exotic fragrances that transport you to a world of luxury and sophistication.

Our eco-friendly candles are hand-poured wooden wick candles made with all natural soy coconut wax.

Shop our collection today and elevate your home fragrance game.

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